Aminocap - Química

Understand how product
research is developed.

Every product is heavy tested and developed. The scope is to always assure that every product reach its singulars specifications, regarding performance, packs, safety or the use itself. , It’s possible to order the scopes that Aminocap product researches focus on:

  1. Slow setting emulsifier: stability, setting time, particle charge test, adherence easy to use.
  2. Fast Setting 2C and 1C: stability, viscosity, adherence and desemulsibilidade.
  3. Medium setting 1C: stability, viscosity, high performance adherence with agregades.
  4. Micro surface emulsifier: stability, elastic recovery, setting time, cohesion, WTAT and rejection.
  5. Dope: viscosity at 25ºC, adherence with agregades
  6. Asphalt Thickness: stability and asphalt emulsions viscosity control
  7. Elastic recoveries improvers: stability and performance.
  8. Setting time slower: stability and performance.

Aminocap laboratory is always focused on product improvement developed by a top technical team.

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