Aminocap - Química

Entrepreneurship and
new solutions, creative
and environment friendly.

Specialized on the distribution of Road pavement emulsifiers of all kinds, Aminocap is a strong and reliable company that always achieves the market and clients needs. Aminocap develop innovator and high quality chemical products, by a very close technical assistance that analyses all factors such as: agregades, weather aplication, soil and singular needs of our clients.

That makes it possible to develop a custom made product, with cost savings, easy to use, with a better performance. All products and raw materials are heavy tested achieving maximum performance.

All process is made to protect and be friendly to the enviroment. With that in mind, Aminocap has a full complex to reduce industrial waste and recycle facilities. Aminocap is governal certified for environment friendly industrial waste disposal, we use 100% recycled packs.

To improve the client experience with our products, Aminocap has a strong post sale technical team, to assure the correct use of our products, by phone, technical data or in loco. We work with fast and reliable transport partners, that guaranty on Schedule deliveries to reach our clients expectations.

Sustainable Practices

Concerned about sustainable practices e focused on the best use of enviromment resourses.
Aminocap was the first company in Brazil do offer returnable flasks, and reverse logistics of it’s packs.

It’s energy matriz could not be handled by a different filosofy , therefore, as a pionner in the practice, Aminocap installed foto voltaic energy for 100% of it’s demand, producing a clean, removable and ecological energy.

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